NL Reeuwijk Haastrecht Lexmond Montfort Bodegraven 100km 3u
This route is centrally located in the Netherlands and is a nice suggestion for everyone who wants to send an hour or three.
The start is in Reeuwijk, but experienced MRA users know that you can easily adjust to your own wishes. It is a round, so boarding can take place anywhere. Tip: Drive this route a few weeks later!
You will pass some of my favorite garlands in the neighborhood, namely Reeuwijk-Brug, Haastrecht, Vlist, and later a beautiful piece of Lekdijk.
There is (obviously) a ferry in the route, at Schoonhoven so take care of some small change.
At Vianen we take the highway for a moment and immediately get off at Nieuwegein. Of course it is tempting to take the Lekdijk again (I have shared other routes that contain it) but we go to the North and pass the "biggest Christmas tree of NL" at IJsselstein.
Through some beautiful winding roads on the water (watch smooth here and there) the ride ends at Bodegraven.
Ride safe and have fun!
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South Holland (Dutch: Zuid-Holland [ˌzœyt ˈɦɔlɑnt] (listen)) is a province of the Netherlands with a population of just over 3.6 million as of 2015 and a population density of about 1,300/km2 (3,400/sq mi), making it the country's most populous province and one of the world's most densely populated areas. Situated on the North Sea in the west of the Netherlands, South Holland covers an area of 3,403 km2 (1,314 sq mi), of which 585 km2 (226 sq mi) is water. It borders North Holland to the north, Utrecht and Gelderland to the east, and North Brabant and Zeeland to the south. The provincial capital is The Hague, while its largest city is Rotterdam.
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