TTT 2013 01 Kijkduin Den Hoorn een rondje Westland
Published: 14/09/2019
Kassen in het Westland
This TTT starts in Kijkduin and is partly about beautiful roads, but especially also through the more densely populated area of the Westland *
* Westland is originally a region in the province of South Holland. This concerns the area north of the Nieuwe Waterweg, south of The Hague, east of Hoek van Holland, and west of Delft. The name 'Westland' is derived from the western crafts of the Delfland Water Board. In addition to the current greenhouse horticulture area, these western crafts also include Rijswijk, Voorburg and Vlaardingerambacht. Since January 1, 2004, Westland is also the name of a large municipality in this area. Furthermore, there are in the region the municipality of Midden-Delfland and the core Hoek van Holland, which is part of the municipality of Rotterdam. Loosduinen, a city district of The Hague, is a former Westlands gardener's village that, just like Wateringse Veld, has been annexed by the city of The Hague. Westland is best known for its greenhouse horticulture and the orange glow that illuminates the sky at night, coming from the assimilation lighting in the greenhouses.
The region also owes its nickname to the Glass City to these glass department stores. (Source: Wikipedia).

You will therefore regularly come across the greenhouses of greenhouse horticulture in this TTT.

Because I have not (yet) driven this route myself, this route gets 3 stars.

Route details:
rp 1 - De Haagsche Beek starting point
rp 18 - Hoek van Holland photo point
rp 31 - Coffee stop Restaurant Wollebrand
rp 57 - Lunch stop Het Schielicht
rp 86 - End point on Hodenpijl

The route has been made the same for TomTom, Garmin and MyRoute-app Navigation users. That has been successful everywhere except in Animals between route points 44 and 45 (Purple), where TomTom and Garmin disagree. Not a big problem, if you drive alone you just follow the instructions of your GPS, if you drive in a group then you follow the driver. From route point 45 the two come together again and your GPS will follow the route correctly again.
Het strand bij Kijkduin
De kerk in Den Hoorn
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About this region
South Holland (Dutch: Zuid-Holland [ˌzœyt ˈɦɔlɑnt] (listen)) is a province of the Netherlands with a population of just over 3.6 million as of 2015 and a population density of about 1,300/km2 (3,400/sq mi), making it the country's most populous province and one of the world's most densely populated areas. Situated on the North Sea in the west of the Netherlands, South Holland covers an area of 3,403 km2 (1,314 sq mi), of which 585 km2 (226 sq mi) is water. It borders North Holland to the north, Utrecht and Gelderland to the east, and North Brabant and Zeeland to the south. The provincial capital is The Hague, while its largest city is Rotterdam.
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