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Published: 04/01/2020
You can travel to Gothenburg in different ways, I assume that you will travel with the Kiel - Gothenburg ferry in this tour. If you take the ferry from 17:00 in Kiel, you will be in Gothenburg around 9:00 in the morning.
When you get off the boat, you can first refuel and then leave the city via the highway. Along the way there is an opportunity to buy food and drinks at a supermarket for a picnic on the way.

The first stop is at the Little Pothole viewpoint, park your motorcycle in the parking lot and walk a little into the forest to the viewpoint. The view is really beautiful. The next stop is at the Anten - Gräfsnäs railway line, this is a museum railway line in southern Sweden in the province of Västra Götaland County. The line connects Lake Anten with the town of Gräfsnäs. The line runs along the shores of the lake. The railway line is 12 kilometers long and was used in the period 1900-1967.
The anten lake, is a lake in the municipality of Alingsås in the Swedish landscape Västergötland. The lake has a total area of 18 km² and is approximately 30 meters deep. Anten means swan in Swedish, so the lake is called Swan Lake. The current tourist railway line Anten - Gräfsnäs has a station by the lake.

Next you will visit the Lennart Magnusson's Motorcycle Museum, this beautiful motorcycle museum is located in a culturally rich area in the middle of Västergötland. It is run entirely voluntarily by 4 enthusiasts with a genuine interest in motorbikes.
After the visit to the museum you go to the Kinnekulle Nature Reserve, Kinnekulle is a table mountain on the southeastern coast of Lake Vänern in Sweden. The highest point has a height of approximately 306 meters above sea level. This top is called Högkullen. The mountain has a sediment layer from the Ordovician period that is rare in Sweden.

The next stop is at Lake Vänern, with an area of 5655 km², the largest lake in Sweden and the third largest lake in Europe. For comparison, the Zuiderzee was approximately 5900 km² and the current IJsselmeer is approximately 1100 km². Here you can nicely picnic on the shores of the lake and there is also a Cafe where you can get coffee.
Then you wind through the beautiful Swedish landscape to the end point in Ölme, where you can refuel just before the end.

In this 4-star route you mainly drive on good roads, turn after turn, a stop at Little Pothole and Kinnekulle is definitely recommended.

General information:
Sweden is a beautiful country. You will find nice cities, but also impressive nature reserves. Check the weather forecast. In Sweden it can be very hot, but it can also become very cold, so that you can bring the right clothes and other aids. Furthermore, it is advisable to book your accommodations in Sweden in advance. Sweden is a wonderful destination for a beautiful motorcycle vacation. As the largest country in Scandinavia you can go on extensive tours in a unique environment. Forests, lakes, nature parks and agricultural areas largely determine the landscape. Around the Swedish-Norwegian border lies the Scandinavian Highland, where the mountains rise locally to 2100 meters. The most important cities are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. And if you cannot find a motor camping site or motor hotel, then it is allowed on the basis of the so-called Allemansrätten or everyone's right to camp freely in nature. As long as you take nothing with you and leave no mess behind, you can stay with your tent for a maximum of 24 hours in one location.

South Sweden also has the most motorcycle campsites, motorcycle hotels and other motorcycle-friendly accommodations. This part also contains the 5650 square kilometers of Vänermeer and the smaller Vänermeer. The lakes region has various motor museums and private collections. You can visit historic towns such as Ed, Falköping, Motala and Björkenäs for historic motorcycles.
Little Pothole Viewpoint
Useful links:
Ferry Kiel - Goteborg
End point of the route
Lennart Magnusson's Motorcycle Museum
Museum Anten - Gräfsnäs

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Örebro County (Swedish: Örebro län) is a county or län in central Sweden. It borders the counties of Västra Götaland, Värmland, Dalarna, Västmanland, Södermanland and Östergötland. It is frequently culturally divided into the hilly northern region of Bergslagen, where mining and metallurgic industry have been important since the Middle Ages, and the southern Mälardalen of lakes and farms.
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About this route collection
Sweden and Norway are beautiful countries. You will find nice cities, but also impressive nature reserves. This versatility makes Sweden & Norway the perfect countries for an impressive motorcycle vacation.

In this collection 14 beautiful routes through Sweden & Norway.

Good preparation is half the battle, so please read the tips below carefully.
1. Check the weather forecast. It can be very hot in Sweden & Norway, but it can also get very cold. Always check the weather forecast before you go, so that you can pack the right clothes.
2. Determine in advance which route or routes you want to follow. That way you don't drive like a chicken without a head and you can make the most of your days off in these beautiful countries.
3. Learn about traffic rules. Slightly different rules apply in Sweden & Norway in some situations than in the Netherlands. By delving into the traffic rules, you prevent that you (unknowingly) commit a traffic violation and / or put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Furthermore, it is wise to book the accommodations in advance. It may be more fun to drive through these countries on the receipt, but you don't want to have to drive around endlessly to find a place to sleep. If you go to Sweden or Norway in the high season, the chance that you have to look for a place to sleep is greatest. It is also possible to camp during your motorcycle trip, but then find out in advance where this is and is not allowed. You cannot pitch your tent everywhere.

As the largest country in Scandinavia you can go on extensive tours in a unique environment. Forests, lakes, nature parks and agricultural areas largely determine the landscape, which also consists of flat parts and rolling hills. Around the Swedish-Norwegian border lies the Scandinavian Highland, where the mountains rise locally to 2100 meters.

Norway is known for its amazing natural beauty. Fjords that tens of miles into the country, snow-covered high plains, sharp mountain peaks and vast forests. In this sparsely populated country, most people live in the cities, the capital of which is Oslo.

Tolls must be paid on a large number of roads in Norway. Anyone approaching a toll road can simply drive on without stopping. With cameras above the road, the license plate of the vehicle is scanned, not the license plate of the trailer or caravan. It takes a long time for the photos to be processed.
The bill is then sent to the Euro Parking Collection (EPC) in London within four to six months.

Mandatory on the motorcycle: Safety vest - A motorcyclist must bring at least one safety vest. In the event of a breakdown or accident, the driver is obliged to wear a safety vest. The ANWB advises motorcyclists to also take a safety vest for a possible passenger.
Advice: First aid kit, motorcyclists are advised to bring a first aid kit.