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The images and text displayed here originate from the Wikipedia article "ilina", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.
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Ilyin or Ilin (Russian: Ильин) is a Russian masculine surname that is derived from the male given name Ilya and literally means Ilya's. its feminine counterpart is Ilyina or Ilina. It may refer to Aleksandr Ilyin (disambiguation), several people Aleksei Ilyin (disambiguation), several people Alin Ilin (born 1984), Romanian football player Anatoli Ilyin (1931–2016), Soviet Russian football player Andrey Ilin (born 1960), Russian film and theatre actor Dmitry Ilyin (born 1984), Russian fine art and documentary street photographer Efraim Ilin (1912–2011), Israeli tycoon and security expert Fyodor Ilyin (1892–1939), Soviet admiral and diplomat Gleb Ilyin (1889–1968), Russian-American painter Ilya Ilin (born 1988), Kazakhstan weightlifter Ivan Ilyin (1883–1954), Russian religious and political philosopher Kostiantyn Ilin (born 1975), Ukrainian strongman competitor Lev Ilyin (1880–1942), Russian architect Mikhail Ilyin (1903–1981), Soviet art historian and Moscow expert Natalya Ilina (born 1985), Kazakhstan handball player Nikolai Ilyin (1809–1890), Russian religious thinker and founder of the movement of Yehowists Olga Ilina (born 1995), Russian rhythmic gymnast Olga Ilyin, Russian-born American poet and novelist Pavel Ilyin (born 1994), Russian football midfielder Sergei Ilyin (born 1968), Russian football player Stanislav Ilyin (born 1991), Russian football midfielder Vasily Ilyin (1949–2015), Soviet handball player Vera Ilyina (born 1974), Russian diver Victoria Ilina (born 1999), Russian rhythmic gymnast Viktor Ilyin (born 1947), Russian deserter from the Soviet Army Vladimir Ilyin (disambiguation), several people Yekaterina Ilyina (born 1991), Russian handball player Yuriy Ilyin, Ukrainian Admiral and Chief of the General Staff Zoltan Ilin (born 1955), Yugoslavian tennis player
Zakopane naar Frydland
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