from Death Valley via Valley Of Fire to Mesquite
Orignal route by Andre ter Schegget
Death Valley
Route, text and photos of MRA Goldmember André ter Schegget. All route points were checked and the route was equalized for Garmin and TT. The route winding through beautiful nature undoubtedly got 5 * again.

Route 08/15 of a three-week tour through the west of America, from Death Valley to Mesquite.
Departure from our overnight address in Stovepipe Wells (Death Valley) in a southeastern direction through the Death Valley National Park. The first stop is at Furnace Creek, past RP 2 to the right, where you can find the Visitor Center, the Borax Museum, a gas station and restaurant. There is also a large thermometer with the current temperature in Death Valley.
At RP 3 you have beautiful views of Zabriskie Point. A pastel-colored wavy dune landscape where almost nothing lives.
On RP 4 we pass the Death Valley Sign, after which we drive through Death Valley Junction via SR 127 (CA) and the SR 373 (NV) to Amargosa Valley.
As you can already see from the road numbers, we pass the state line between California and Nevada.
At RP 5 you will find the Area 51 Alien Travel Center, a gas station, shop, restaurant and even brothel with the theme "Aliens".
Via the Veterans Memorial HWY (95) we drive towards Las Vegas. This time, however, we leave this city on the right side to return again at a later time.
Via Interstate 15 we drive in a northeastern direction. We leave the Interstate at Crystal to visit the Valley of Fire. Along the way there are several beautiful viewpoints! We drive into the park to Parking # 3 (RP 12) to make a short walk to the "Fire Wave". After this park visit we drive via Stateroute 169 and Interstate 15 towards the end point for today.
Death Valley Zabriskie Point
Valley of Fire
Useful links:
Borax Museum foto's
Alien brothel in the middle of nowhere
Valley of Fire
Route 07 from Exeter via Isabella Lake and Ridgecrest to Death Valley
Route 09 from Mesquite via Zion NP and Dixie NF to Hatch

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This collection contains all 15 routes driven by MRA Goldmember André ter Schegget during his three-week trip through the west of America.
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Order of the tour:

Route 01: from Los Angeles and via Pacific Coast Highway to Solvang
Route 02: from Solvang to Monterey / Pacific Grove
Route 03A: from Monterey to San Francisco
Route 03B: if you are by car instead of the motor, since motors are not allowed on the 17 Mile Drive: from Monterey to the 17 Mile Drive and further to San Francisco
Route 04: from San Francisco via Nappa and Eldorado National Forrest to Topaz Lake
Route 05: from Topaz Lake via Bodie and Yosemite to Oakhurst
Route 06: from Oakhurst via Kings Canyon NP and Sequoia NP and Giant Forest to Exeter
Route 07: from Exeter via Isabella Lake and Ridgecrest to Death Valley
Route 08: from Death Valley via Valley Of Fire to Mesquite
Route 09: from Mesquite via Zion NP and Dixie NF to Hatch
Route 10: from Hatch via Bryce Canyon to Page
Route 11: from Page via Grand Canyon to Williams
Route 12: from Williams via Seligman and Route 66 to Kingman and via Hoover Dam to Las Vegas
Route 13: from Las Vegas via Oatman and Lake Havasu to Parker
Route 14: from Parker via Joshua Tree to Rancho Mirage
Route 15: from Rancho Mirage via Palm Springs to Santa Monica