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Jesús Gómez (Chucas)

On this page, you can see all of the achievements Jesús Gómez (Chucas) has unlocked on MyRoute-app.

Achievement overview

Below you can see all unlocked and possible achievements. Read the description to find out how you can unlock more achievements!


Ranks are permanently achievable achievements that give an impression of how someone has invested their time in MyRoute-app.


Driven with MyRoute-app

Not yet started



Cycled with MyRoute-app

Not yet started



Hiked with MyRoute-app

Not yet started


Route planner

Routes created

24 more to go

Level 8


Moments captured

Not yet started



Activities are achievements that are focused on the social part of MyRoute-app. Achievements are available for, among other things, inviting your friends and helping with groups and events.


Invite your friends to MyRoute-app

Not yet started



Become friends on MyRoute-app

10 more to go

Level 3

Group leader

Become a leader of a group

Not yet started



Organise an event

Not yet started



Countries shows in which countries a longer tracklog has been recorded and which countries have really been 'visited'.

Visited Spain

Not yet started