Martin Filtenborg

"Norway - tentatively, to get a feel for the place"

My good friend Michael and I have decided to take a punt at "Norway". Yes, it's said to be eyewateringly expensive. Petrol, food, accomodation, everything. Yes, it's said the place is crawling with speed traps, police and extortionate fines for anyone who fail to abide by all rules. Yes, the speed limits are laughably low. But... It's also said to be astonishingly scenic. As in *astonishingly!* So, we go from Denmark to investigate on an extended weekend early 2022. Western side of the country; fjords and mountains.

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  • Nice, we where there in 2019

    2023-01-13 16:53:43 by Hans v.d. Ven (Mr.MRA)