#El Grande
Routes by Nick Carthew - RouteXpert
A 00 Roscoff to La Rochelle Sat 4th
A 000 La Rochelle via the Royan ferry to Irun Sunday 5th
A 0000 Irun to Virgen de la Pena Monday 6th
A 1 Vergen de la Pena to Boca de Huérgano Monday 6th
B 2 Round trip Picos de Europa clockwise Tuesday 7th
C 3 Boca de Huérgano to La Mancha Wednesday 8th
D 4 La Mancha to Hornos Thursday 9th
E 5 Hornos to Torrevieja Friday 10th
E 5 Torrevieja Gary's villa to Cartagena Sunday 12th
F 6 Torrevieja to Teruel Thursday 16th
G 7 Teruel to Puigcerda Friday 17th
H 8 Puigcerda to Carcassonne Saturday 18th
I 9 Carcassonne to Millau Viaduct Sunday 19th
J10 Millau to Le Pouzin via Gorges du Tarn Monday 20th
K 11 Le Pouzin to Besancon via Combe Laval Tuesday 21st
L 12 Besancon to Ulmen Wednesday 22nd
M 13 Chalet at Ulmen to Nurburgring back to Ulmen Thursday 23rd
N 14 Lap of Nurburgring Thursday 23rd
O 15 Ulmen to Eurotunnel
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