Yarro Moto - 2017 Greece & Macedonia trip 13th - 29th May
Routes by Yarro Moto
Day01 - Calais Tunnel to Creutswald, Fr.
Day02 - Creutzwald to Airolo, Sw.
Day03 - Airolo to Modena, It.
Day04 - Modena to Ancona Ferry, It.
Day05 - Igoumenitsa to Meteora, Gr.
Day06 - REST DAY OFF in Meteora
Day07 - Meteora to Delphi, Gr.
Day08 - REST DAY in Delphi
Day09 - Delphi to Thessaloniki, Gr.
Day10 - REST DAY in Thessalonika
Day11 - Thessaloniki to Skopje, Mac.
Day12 - Skopje to Struga, Mac.
Day13 - Struga to Igoumenitsa
Day14 - Ancona Ferry Port to Modena, It.
Day15 - Modena, It. to Airolo, Sw.
Day16 - Airolo, Sw. to Creutzwald, Fr.
Day17 - Creutzwald to Calais Tunnel, Fr.
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