Yarro Moto - 2018 'Pyrenees - Coast To Coast' - 9th to 20th Sept
Routes by Yarro Moto
'Pyrenees - Coast to Coast' - Overview map just for visual idea of coverage
Day01-Santander to Pamplona
Day02-Pamplona to Larrede, Huesca, Spain.
Day03-Larrede to Roses
Day04-Rest Day or loop ride from Roses via Ripoll
Day05-Roses to Labarre
Day06-Labarre to Oloron St Marie via 7 Cols
Day07-Rest day or loop ride from Oloron via Isaba
Day08-Oloron to Brinas
Day09-Brinas to Cosgaya
Day10-Cosgaya to Santander Ferry
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