Wandelen op de Sallandse heuvelrug vanuit Haarle
This walking route with start and end point in Haarle, Salland, takes us past the Palthe tower, also known as the Sprengenberg.
This is a beautiful white tower in the middle of the woods. The tower used to be a watchtower and is owned by the Palthe family.

Palthe lived in Almelo and owned the land around the hill, where he regularly hunted. In 1898 he had a tea cupola built where people could recover from the hunt and possibly stay with a few people.

In the following years he commissioned architect Karel Muller to design various extensions such as the gallery and the tower.
Palthe, who founded the Palthetextile factories with two brothers, was very interested in the latest techniques and applied them in the country house.
The house was completely self-sufficient with its own well and American windmill to generate electricity.
A gully with a bathhouse also belonged to the house. This building still exists, it is called the witch's house by the residents of nearby Haarle.
Initially the house was intended as a hunting and holiday home, but later Palthe went to live there himself
We started the hike in Haarle.

Route details:

Route point 3 is "Herberg de pas" a beautiful Inn to drink a cup of coffee with a piece of homemade apple pie. You can also follow different walking routes from here. The inn falls under Natuurmonumenten.
Route point 14 is "the Palthe tower. Nice to walk around and take a picture.
I have given this route 4 stars but well worth it. Nice walk,

Route point 1 - Start route
Route point 3 - Coffee / Lunch
Route point 14 - Photo moment (Palthe tower)
Route point 21 - End of route
Useful links:
De Palthe toren
Herberg de pas

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